we kiss on the mouth but still cough down our sleeves

fall right into place
16 August
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Out of breath and out of cash, find yourself watching M*A*S*H* every night on the couch. Woman says let's take a drive down south, roll down the windows and open our mouths taste where we are and play the music loud. Stop the car, lay on the grass, the planets spin and we watch space pass. Walk a direction, see where we get. I never knew nothin' so there's nothin' to
forget. Get real drunk and ride our bikes. There's so much beauty it could make you cry. The rich get money but never what they want. Find ourselves a new place to haunt. Climb up the fire escape do it 'til the ground looks far away. Go night swimming, leave our clothes on the ground, when we get busted we just stand there proud. It's the truth we all been wrong make it up and let's move on. Playing cards we all get to act sly there's so much beauty it could make you cry.
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