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we kiss on the mouth but still cough down our sleeves [entries|friends|calendar]
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[14 Dec 2004|04:31pm]
oh! p.s. summerghosts
2 it's strange the way you make me feel|with just a word or two

[12 Dec 2004|09:57pm]
[ mood | less than ]

i got a new journal? i don't so much know why, because this one has all sorts of things in it that i'd like to keep around to browse through from time to time so i can fill up with "oh man, yeah, remember that?" or "eeee" or "ohhhh." but i did, and i might have added you, except i got tired of filling out the add friends section so i also might not have. but i think maybe it will be different, and prettier maybe than this one. this one is getting old and wrinkly.

2 it's strange the way you make me feel|with just a word or two

[07 Dec 2004|07:15pm]
[ mood | stupid ]

- i failed my road test!
+ but, you know, it just so happens that i do know the nicest boy ever in life and he came and picked me up and we went and saw the polar express at the imax in 3D, and outside it snowed on us, and we read christmas books in the children's section at the bookstore.

i was going to make a list of ten like usual and alternate positive and negative but it ended up being all ugly one-sided because i'm just kind of heavy on the inside right now. i really want to watch winter be full of nice rosy-cheeked things for everyone. but like i said, i also want to live in a magic dream world. oh well.

6 it's strange the way you make me feel|with just a word or two

[03 Dec 2004|06:05pm]
[ mood | knitter baker picture maker ]

1. i hide bailey's pill in crackers with peanut butter. i am an awesome mommy.
2. i love knitting!
3. i hate work.
4. i think someday my heart might actually explode right out of my chest, seriously. either from music, or pure life. or both! that's the kicker right there. both!
5. i sprinkle all my memories with magic dust?
6. blink 182?
7. jameson & i made a cakeCollapse ) to promote haakon. this is the stuff future bakery-owners are made of!
8. tgif tgif tgiffffff.
9. i really want to paint a whole interior of someplace really a lot. and find milagros to buy, and does anyone know how to get a cheap slide projector?
10. i know how you all like photos. the overdue arizona documentation, i forgot to do mexicoCollapse )</center>

15 it's strange the way you make me feel|with just a word or two

[01 Dec 2004|04:34pm]
[ mood | days are still getting shorter ]

1 - bailey is in the hospital, and they don't know what's wrong with him yet.
2 - i can't wait to be done with this job. it's really weird being payed to essentially be a robot. if the company were bigger, they'd have machines to do all the things i do, that'd probably do everything a lot faster and better.
3 - winter is definitely here. i don't know when it is that it technically arrives, but as far as i'm concerned it's here for sure.
4 - i know this because this week has been all filled up with post-rock. sometimes it makes me think about so many things, in both good and not-so-good ways.
5 - i'm going to have a hard time balancing filling out my school application and making christmas presents.
6 - i'm going to have a hard time with the school application in general. i'm scared to death of how to do it!
7 - i'm also really scared of my driver's test monday. i feel like i'm going to be shaking like crazy, which will make driving harder.
8 - i feel like there's some sort of permanent lump in my throat, and i wish it would go away.
9 - i'm talking about "my bakery" a lot now. maybe it'll actually happen! that'd be really, really cool.
10 - kermit the frog singing "the rainbow connection" was my come-home feel-better horrible terrible no good very bad day song.

8 it's strange the way you make me feel|with just a word or two

the unflavored vacation that broke my headphones [27 Nov 2004|10:02am]
[ mood | home bohemia ]

chi-hwa-seon painted fire, broken wings, coffee and cigarettes, american splendor, that song sick + asleep, the mix i scratched up, a few songs from wyajonir, OST, the covers record, since we last spoke, personal jounrals, amythest rockstar, self-titled, disc one, disc two, the boondock saints on tv, mi nidito, 27/28 and long, sad summer stoner mix #2, green tea, clementine, cranberry juice, cheese and crackers, golden oreos, cherry fruit snacks, bean and cheese burrito, iced tea, tofu lasagna, banana, fig, carrot sticks, pumpkin pie, butter pecan ice cream, cranberry cereal and soymilk, coffee, chocolate soymilk, pineapple, chips + salsa, bean chimichanga, tortellini and pesto, waffle, orange juice, canteloupe, black candy, catching up on the black book, wish you were here mail, rock for light, passion fruit lip balm, too much too young, taco salad, toxic ranch records, green nalgene, desert vintage, red + orange hat, punk rock elders, yellow duck umbrella, smiley bums, pumpkin spice and extra shots, puddle jumping, brown canvas, postcards, milagros, puff 'n sstuff, strung-up cut-outs, food co-op, boston's finest, clove chewing gum, la decadence de la decadence, pesto pizza, dirt culture, heart attack, the moon and antarctica, fat tire amber ale, butter pecan waffle ice cream sandwich, long-distance hugs and plans to conquer the world, making days longer, ladies' sewing circle and terrorist society, cowyboy magpie, and then i stopped keeping track.

5 it's strange the way you make me feel|with just a word or two

[17 Nov 2004|08:16pm]
[ mood | little tiny red pills ]

i would like you to meet some of my childhood friendsCollapse )
5 it's strange the way you make me feel|with just a word or two

sick day #2 [16 Nov 2004|04:04pm]
[ mood | i wish to be as cool as ray ]

i watched a documentary on ray johnson today, "how to draw a bunny." it threw curiosity sparks all over the place!

also, i'm reading do it! by jerry rubin, and my dad said "oh hey, i read that about %# years ago!" which is silly and fun.
13 it's strange the way you make me feel|with just a word or two

[15 Nov 2004|03:22pm]
[ mood | real personny ]

one - it's an oldfashioned sick day with snow on the ground and books and blankets and green tea and waking up and writing letters instead of heading out the door.
two - drastic change of plans : i am going to move to europe and buy lots of expensive clothes and live in a discoteque!
three - it's clementine season. bailey and i really like clementines.
four - i got a nice nosebleed today for the first time in a few years. remember when i used to get them all the time? and how the school nurse would freak out when it lasted for hours and bruise the bridge of my nose because she was shaking when she pinched it? i was such a little bloody freak. and then that time i passed out and shook because i had hit the floor so hard and all the kids thought i had a seizure. and martha was the nurse that day and sent me home because i wasn't registering a temperature. and i missed the spelling bee!
five - i'm starting to get really excited for being a licensed driver. think of all the fun things i can do! but i'm pretty sure it will eat up a ton of funds for a whole bucket full of reasons.
six - i don't really have anything to say. i didn't need to say any of that! mostly i was just really excited about listening to this song.

3 it's strange the way you make me feel|with just a word or two

[14 Nov 2004|07:06pm]
[ mood | dirtyhairsleepyeyeswarmheart ]

one - eat, drink, and be marie.
two - it snowed here in boston this weekend, but i only was around to see the on-the-ground part. i have yet to look out the window when it falls and get that wide-eyed tv christmas special feeling. i can't wait!
three - i also can't wait for all those wintery things. they're going to be extra fun this year, i think.
four - i feel bad for being sickly and disgusting and dead. but that comes with nice wintery things and 31 degree rain and no sleep 'till brooklyn, i guess. but still!
five - i don't want to go to work at all at all at all. i wish i could say i'm looking forward to having some days off for thanksgiving, but i'm still not sure which side of the country i'll be on / which country i'll be in.
six - i bought a BOSTON sweatshirt today, and almost bought a redsox hat. i want to be a hardcore boston fan some days. and pastel and girly other days, and bug pajama'd and brown sweatered and stuff other days. but mostly ski jacket and knit hatted, because that reminds me of snowballs and bubba and steps leading to the door of a yellow townhouse.
seven - i was telling sean about having a bakery where bands could play at night, and i didn't tell him about covering the floor with mattresses, but you know. and just saying it to someone i had just met like that made it feel like it actually existed. what if it did?! that would be my favorite life.
eight - adventuring into the cold unknown for the slackers with country music and team dancing on top was f-u-n spells fun.
nine - today i sat eating an eggplant bagel sandwich and this old man walked by the window. he was wearing a rainbow striped sweater, and a white easter littlegirl-style hat with a ribbon, and lots of other silly things that i wish i could remember. very tripped out. i really really like cool old people, like the one i saw that time wearing mugatu glasses.
ten - sometimes i miss the times when my livejournal was filled with pictures of things that may or may not have mattered and vague one-liners. but other times it's fun to sit and let my fingers fly around faster than my head even if it means swirly word crap on your screen.
eleven - eleven is breaking the rule. ha! watch me go.
twelve - i like when people are really nice. or nice in general! and when dogs are nice.
thirteen - i have no voice! it's silly. some people sound sexy when they lose their voice. i just sound squeaky. but i guess that's okay, too, because that's just how i am. mice characteristics usually win out over any other kind.
fourteen - it's really crazy all the nice things that exist. also that i use "nice" so much. i never used to, not in school! i was really good about that. but back to those things, all those wishes on eyelashes and dandelions and double times i thought i was just doing for fun - i'm in the sort of mood or thinking about the sort of mood that makes me want to say they all worked. oh, and birthday candles too.

p.s. gdiymmfliil!

1 it's strange the way you make me feel|with just a word or two

[08 Nov 2004|08:43pm]
[ mood | violet-flavored chewing gum ]

one - the other day i was looking for pictures of explosions, or things that were really full, about to burst. i couldn't find exactly what i wanted, and maybe making one of my own will by my next project. there are a lot of projects i don't actually do because i get too excited about new ideas, but that's really satisfying in its own empty good-echoey hollow-sounding way.
two - i miss when toys came in cereal boxes. we always bought cereal that was too healthy to come with toys, but today i stood in the cereal aisle of the grocery store and looked for boxes with toys because i thought maybe that kind of toy would make a really nice present, but i couldn't find any, not one.
three - tomorrow morning between when i wake up and go to work i am going to call the rmv and schedule my road test because they were closed today by the time i got around to looking up their telephone number. last night evan and i rode the train to lincoln together from north station and he divulged to me that there are plane tickets in my name that i don't want and it put me in a really productive eyebrows-pushed-together tornado mood today.
four - i haven't put anything in my huge black book lately, and i'm starting to get that fishhook-weight feeling about it! but at the same time it's only because there are so many things to put in. i could go on forever and ever and ever writing sentences that begin with "i remember" and swirl them all over the pages of that book and run my hands over the cover and i don't even know how to finish this sentence because the rest is just squeaks and sighs and bursts and hops and sneakers on pavement and squeals and tensed-up lip-biting little girl things.
five - i want someone to give my creative writing assignments again. i seldom write actual stories on my own, but i always really enjoy doing it. and i feel like they're more indicative of whatever i'm trying to sort out at the time than most other scribbly marie-mediums. maybe i will put some in here, things i wrote a while ago. or maybe i will prompt you to prompt me. i try things like that a lot in here though and only get responses if they're those dumb survey things that secretly are too exciting.
six - somehow october escaped really quickly. the leaves did, too. not in a bad way, though. or a good way, just a way! which is more good than bad i think, or i wouldn't have felt compelled to put that exclamation point there.
seven - i always look forward to the weekends, but this one is going to be an actual legitimate adventure. i like to think my whole life is an actual legitimate adventure, but most of the things i get most excited about aren't exactly action-packed. but we're going to have that bus ride, and the thought of that gives me a nice zippy neon warm core feeling. and we'll go to the macaroni-and-cheese by the pound restaurant, which is self explanatory. and see the slackers, which is the sort of thing that goes under the definition of "good time." and i'm really excited for all the untold things because sometimes those are best. and i feel like on sunday lauren and i should knock off the "get drunk and go slut shopping" from our "to do when we're 80" list because no matter what, we probably make more attractive sluts now than we will in 62 years.
eight - that's all for now, i suppose. i'm not sure anything in the world should be ended on the note of eighty-year-old sluts, but sometimes, there's no avoiding it. ta ta!

19 it's strange the way you make me feel|with just a word or two

[03 Nov 2004|12:15pm]
[ mood | we'll apologize to the world ]

way to go, usa.

2 it's strange the way you make me feel|with just a word or two

[03 Nov 2004|07:58am]
[ mood | cold, n. & v. ]

sometimes i really wish my brain had the bitch-mode it's supposed to. i never really get "pissed off," even when i probably should, which explains quite a lot of "things." what a messy ugly livejournal entry? not that i want to be particularly bitchy to anyone i know; in fact, i feel like that's maybe an important part of why i have friends. but there are times when i know based on physical things i should be in a pissy mood but instead my imagination migrates from the part of my brain where it shoots out cool things to the part where it gets all scratched up and skips and makes me really scared that everything good will just disappear. and this is the kind of thing that i'm not supposed to write in livejournal, or anywhere, because taking the time to write/type it makes me feel pretty lame. but as much as i don't like stupid bitchy girl things (and i'm writing all this like i'm generally not a stupid bitchy girl, maybe i am and that's just not the kind of thing one can judge for herself) i don't like stupid marie head things either. not that anyone likes their own stupid head things. but that went without saying. mannnnn. i should eat chocolate cake and go for a walk and then do all the things i had planned for today. some are secrets, even, that i can't tell you, or i'll ruin various surprises. i used to be a lot better at filtering myself via public outlets like letters or talking or livejournal or whatever. but that wasn't all good i guess. rambly ramble ramble rumble.

with just a word or two

[02 Nov 2004|05:01pm]
[ mood | rosy coldweather cheeks ]

i think the limited ten-item entries are going to become a theme. here goes!

01. i voted today. it made a tiny part of me feel grown up, but most of me just felt like i've been waiting to do that since the election results were decided four years ago. the ladies who work at the town hall polls in sudbury are all ridiculously old, like no-teeth old.
02. at work today i used glue that is four hundred dollars for a can the size of a juice glass. you mix that with hardener. there's this other kind that you don't mix with anything, and it's four hundred dollars for a tube the size of um . . . a big, long roll of coins.
03. i got a huge envelope in the mail today from carly, and inside was a hand made pillow! it is all made of tshirts and velveteen and markers and nice things like that. aw.
04. i'm reading this book called "the fountain at the center of the world" by robert newman. i picked it up from the "new books" table at the bookstore this past summer, and i'm just really really liking it.
05. the stupid "miracle of life" can suck my left one. seriously, what a literal pain in the ass.
06. i have round cake pans AND kodachrome slide film now firmly in my possession. i'm an excited happy marie camper!
07. that makes me want to go camping. maybe next summer, okay? sign up here!
08. yesterday i bought four boxes of macaroni and cheese, because hey, if i'm going to let veganism kick the bucket, i may as well do it in style. i bought one box that actually is vegan (macaroni and chreese!), one of the original kraft, one annie's original, and one annie's with broccoli sauce.
09. dia de los muertos!
10. i was thinking today that i want to make my own list of holidays, at least one each month, because a lot of the given holidays suck. but i need to make this list in conjunction with loved ones so we can celebrate together.

5 it's strange the way you make me feel|with just a word or two

[28 Oct 2004|05:24pm]
[ mood | :D :D :D ]

♥ ♥ ♥

(brought upon by . . . well, everything. take some if you want, and pass it on!)
8 it's strange the way you make me feel|with just a word or two

[16 Oct 2004|12:10pm]
[ mood | hopefullyjustaparanoidandroid ]

i'm scared.

4 it's strange the way you make me feel|with just a word or two

[13 Oct 2004|10:04pm]
[ mood | sealed full of promisingthings ]

i was hit with an urge to update so strong i nearly toppled over. but there's nothing i really have to say, or want to say at least, so i am going to try and keep this to ten distinct unrelated unneccessary points, just plain old because.

one. i am in such a mood that i would like to eat hommus tahini on saltines and passion fruit sorbet all night.
two. i sliced my heel walking around the other day and now every morning when i wake up i stretch it and bite my lip as i break the blood/scab seal.
three. this morning when i opened the door to the back porch i startled three birds chatting in the grass and they flew spinning in a column into the air.
four. mr. president bush has developed a new fake debate smile and it's making him look like a big doofus on top of cheese.
five. i made a little picture on the kitchen counter with all the cookie cutters. there's a little war going on and the gingerbread man is trying to save the world with his magic star.
six. today i found honeydew chapstick deep in the back of the bathroom drawer and when i opened it smells from the second half of my sophomore year fell out.
seven. miss lauren ting is coming for a visit this weekend and our plan is to take drunken train rides but even if things don't go according to plan they will be very much the same in spirit, because that's how things go.
eight. tomorrow i will wake up at seven thirty and step outside and then back in and then i will eat something nice and take a shower too hot and pack some lunch and make compasses until four.
nine. i haven't put anything in my giant black book for some time but i have so many tiny wonderthings to put in once my table gets here and i have a real live place to make sneaky things.
ten. if i get the confidence to drop a lot of money in one place, i will buy at least two of nan goldin's books, instead of the cheap phaidon series book ABOUT her i bought a while back.

16 it's strange the way you make me feel|with just a word or two

[06 Oct 2004|06:25pm]
[ mood | day three ]

new screen name! my buddy list has been greatly abbreviated because i didn't remember who most of the names belonged to. so if you wish to talk to me, adddd this shit! heart attack waltz

4 it's strange the way you make me feel|with just a word or two

please, pleeeease! [05 Oct 2004|07:40pm]
hello buddies, i realize my livejournal has been fool of silly requests lately, but i really don't want to go to upstate new york this weekend for a whole bunch of good reasons. sign my petition! it'd make my day. my two weeks, actually! it'd make my whole two weeks.

with just a word or two

[22 Sep 2004|09:57pm]
[ mood | really weird, for no reason ]

taken after instructed to do so by 48_frames:

audience participation post!
1. think of a word you would use to describe me.
2. go to google image search and search for that word.
3. select the picture you see as most fitting, and post it as a reply.
4. post this in your journal.

19 it's strange the way you make me feel|with just a word or two

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